July 29, 2017



With a projected growth of its population from 1.1 billion in 2013 to 2.4 billion in 2050, Africa’s economies will have to double in size in the next 30 years.

If that is to happen, Africa’s infrastructure, including all of its residential, industrial and commercial buildings and power, transport and sanitation systems, will have to double in size. In other words Africa will have to be built again in a single generation.

This will require unthinkable amounts of cement, building materials, construction planning, manpower, products and services to accomplish such a momentous task. And, for this reason, INGRACE PROJECTS (Pty) Ltd is providing the platform for the strong economic growth trends that will pave the way for businesses, to explore a number of exciting commercial and business development opportunities in Africa’s construction sector.

From social housing, low cost houses, schools, hospitals to shopping malls, mixed use facilities, hotels…etc, INGRACE PROJECTS (Pty) Ltd assists in getting funding and expertise needed to support construction ventures in Africa’s public and private sectors.